Internet Privacy on YOUR Terms

It’s hard to believe that MozFest is only a week away! This year I’m pleased to be spending some time in the Youth Zone facilitating a session on Fearless Approaches to Privacy with my fellow Web Literacy Leader Sherry Lehane.

We so often hear about all of the dangers that lurk online. It’s almost as if a monster is on the other side of our routers, waiting to come through and carry us away! While these concerns are certainly founded — I myself am concerned about the day I won’t be able to get An Important Bit of Business done because my information has been swiped — it is very, very important that we as individuals retain some sense of power over our information. I think this is key because, in many countries, we are still looking after ourselves when it comes to maintaining the sanctity of our data.

Through a fearless approach, I hope that we stay strong and vigilant about our online privacy A.) to take the steps we can to maintain the safety of our data and B.) to gather together to work on making cultural changes about privacy in our online environment.

In our session, we will have some fun demystifying the ways that our most common apps and online tools regard our privacy in their terms and conditions, talk a little bit about how our data is tracked, and then get creative to spread awareness. We’ll have paper and markers and index cards for creating posters, postcards, and talking points. AND we’ll write our very own privacy manifestos as a group!

Come join us! We’ll be in the YouthZone on Sunday, October 29 from 11:00 a.m. through noon!