New Web Literacy Tools for Learners

It was a pleasure to continue a collaboration with my fellow Web Literacy Leader Matthew Kopel of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance at the New York Library Association (NYLA) conference this year.

Matthew and I teamed up to present on the Web Literacy for Library Staff pilot project, including Mozilla’s Web Literacy Map and the curriculum contained therein. We also opened a dialogue about what it would take to bring a workable digital badging platform to libraries.

We expected about 30 participants and instead saw somewhere around 50, so I’m mindful that we owe a lot of people a few resources. So, from my coach seat on Amtrak 68 from Saratoga Springs to NYC, here is a quick list:

The heart of our session featured a sneak preview of a **new** Mozilla activity called Search Party, wherein we used pipe cleaners, fluff balls, and buttons of various sizes and colors to demonstrate how algorithms, indexing, and search work. When that particular activity gets published online, I’ll be sure to write a new post about it. Follow me on Twitter or here on Medium to read more.