The MadLib Manifesto

Returning to MozFest as a Web Literacy Leader made for a lovely experience; the crush of amazing programming and brilliant ideas at the festival was even better with friends! (And our evening out over Indian was so spectacular I ate at Cinnamon Bazaar again the next night.)

As a group, we presented our work at the Web Literacy Leaders — How to Grow the Internet Health Network. Our intrepid leader Iris facilitated a spectrogram for session participants to dialogue about where we see our work within the framework of Internet Health. Following this, our program manager An-Me led a conversation in which we Web Literacy Leaders shared our projects and gave tips for working remotely as a cohort.

As individuals or as groups, the Web Literacy Leaders presented the following sessions at MozFest:

Originally pitched for the Privacy & Security track, Sherry and I were thrilled when we were invited to produce our session in the Youth Zone. During the planning process, one of our wranglers gave us the intriguing assignment to use the time to write a manifesto for internet privacy alongside our participants.

Writing a manifesto is a tall order for most anyone, so (after putting my mind to it for a solid week at least) I thought it might be helpful to give our participants a head start. Thus, the MadLib Manifesto:

MadLib Manifesto

Given our brief time frame, I created a work bank for our participants to use. I chose nouns, verbs, and adjectives suitable for an empowering message about online privacy and security.

word bank

This activity could easily be reproduced for any number of Internet Health topics. Feel free to make use of this activity if it suits you! Here’s a link to the activity, and here’s one for our slides. (If you have feedback or end up using this for your trainings, let me know.)