New Workshops Underway

I’m signed up to teach two new workshops this fall. One will cover the phenomena of disinformation in our online environment, and the other will cover machine learning and algorithmic bias.

As always, I started the development process by identifying learning outcomes for each course: what, exactly, will participants be able to do after the workshop? How will they be able to demonstrate knowledge after our time together? There’s a framework I learned last fall in a course on Leaning Design at NYU’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies that I find useful for this:

  • Actor – who will be performing the outcome?
  • Behavior – what observable behavior are you hoping to reinforce?
  • Condition – what might learners need in order to achieve the objective?
  • Degree – how well are they expected to perform the new behavior?

Here’s an example: By the end of the workshop on disinformation, learners will be able to use the ten indicators of image manipulation to identify machine-generated images.

The outcomes I write in this step are pretty technical (much more than participants need to know, really), so I’ll also write three or four participant-facing objectives.

After I’ve written objectives and shared them with my client for approval, I’ll get to work on sketching out the major plot points for the workshop. In this step, I’ll ask myself a few questions: where in the learning process would I like to be during various points of the workshop? What foundational knowledge do I need to deliver in order to meet my more ambitious outcomes? And what can I expect from participants, in terms of their energy levels?

It’s my hope that thinking of participants as people with human needs will help my workshops feel like safe learning environments for all involved, including yours truly.