Bringing Blogging Back

I heard a call (on Twitter, naturally) to bring back personal blogging. Makes sense to me.

My first attempt at keeping an online journal is so old that it wasn’t even captured by the Wayback Machine. Back then I was copy/pasting lines of html that created a frame for whatever words I wanted to share. I’d settled on a palette of sherbet hues for the text boxes and baby blue for the background. I have no earthly idea of what my teenage self had been so keen to share, but I do recall the joy I found in picking hex colors.

All of which is to say that I’ve updated this website after a three-year hiatus. It became one of those frivolous things during the panicky times of the early pandemic. And, after a scan of previous content, so much of what I was writing about had to do with events I’d attended or workshop I taught.

Here in 2023, I’m pleased to say that parts of my life I’d missed — orchestra rehearsals and concerts, eating at restaurants — are back in full force. Other things, not so much. But here’s hoping we can collectively find a way forward while staying safe and well.