Data, Data, Everywhere

I designed and facilitated Data, Data Everywhere for Pioneer Library System on January 29, 2019. Here are the details:

Many of us use digital technology nearly every waking hour of our day. And we’re not alone: studies show that the typical American adult looks at screens for an average of eleven hours a day…. and counting.

The eleven hours spent with our devices produce a steady stream of personal data that can be utilized by tech giants to influence our behavior. More pressingly, our accumulated data can be used against us in the event of, for example, a successful phishing attempt or a data breach.

This workshop will provide a gentle introduction to how the internet works so that we can identify how and why our information is collected, with and without our knowledge. We’ll take a tour of the online information flow, discuss the ways in which our information is used, and describe how even our smallest actions — like which posts we stop to read and which links we click — amount to data so valuable that internet companies will do almost anything to keep our attention.

We’ll describe the ways in which we can reduce the impact of all of this exposure. And since this goes beyond us as individuals, we will discuss the ways in which our patrons are exposed to these same issues. We’ll develop creative solutions for what we can do to help.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a better sense of the data that’s being collected about you, why it is being collected, and what we can do to protect ourselves and our patrons from relentless surveillance.

Here are a few resources pertaining to this workshop.

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