NYC Digital Safety (Phase 2)

The work my project partners across NYC’s three library systems and I did on phase one of NYC Digital Safety was well-received enough to merit a second round of funding. This time, though, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the project functioned. As a reflection of the times, the training materials engineered for library workers were filmed online over Zoom. And in keeping with our hopes of one day getting back into in-person learning settings, we created 40+ curriculum modules library staff can use in any setting.

My contributions to this project include:

  • Hiring program evaluators to schedule and run focus groups so as to determine outcomes for phase 2
  • Synthesizing these outputs into a strategy and gaining buy-in on this new plan
  • Creating a budget and working through the approval process
  • Finding experts to interview, scheduling recording sessions, and then editing videos
  • Shepherding the videos through the process of being animated and soundtracked
  • Posting the videos to YouTube and making sure captions were spot on
  • Working with consultants on the look and feel of the project website
  • Working with an instructional design to develop 40+ lesson plans

If that weren’t enough, in January 2023, work began to translate these materials into Spanish, Russian, Chines, and Haitian Creole.