Privacy In Public


Privacy in Public: An Exhibit

December 15, 2018 – February 1, 2019

As part of my work with NYC Digital Safety, I served as project manager for this exhibit. My work included:

  • Working with curators to review and provide feedback on artists’ proposals
  • Facilitating meetings with the artists and their library liaisons
  • Liaising with all groups to ensure the successful installation of artworks
  • Creating and maintaining the project website
  • ….and any other duties necessary to make this exhibit a reality

Metropolitan New York Library Council and the Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer joined forces with New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, and Queens Library to create curricula, tools, and strategies that library staff can use to help patrons understand and mitigate digital risks — from state and corporate surveillance, to targeted ads and propaganda, to scams and data breaches.

The collective partnered with The New School’s Greta Byrum (co-director of the Digital Equity Laboratory) and Shannon Mattern (Professor of Media Studies) to elevate a conversation about digital privacy in New York City’s communities directly, through their local branch libraries. Nine library branches hosted a distributed exhibition of site-specific artworks exploring issues related to digital risk and privacy. Artists American Artist, Salome Asega, Tega Brain, Ingrid Burrington, Taeyoon Choi, Annabel Daou, Alejandra Delfin, Sam Lavigne, Mimi Onuoha, and Toisha Tucker created works that speak to their local contexts. 

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