Working as I do in the non-profit space, I’ve had the opportunity to develop a fairly wide-ranging skill set. My passion for creating spaces for productive dialogue and ensuring lifelong learning underpins each of the following areas of my work.

Event Production

From conferences to symposia to workshops and Meetups, I have a deep background in planning and managing events. Want specifics? Here’s my event production page.

Project Management

Planning conferences and other large scale events has a lot in common with project management. (Think gantt charts and committee and deadlines.) Learn more about my work in this area in my project management page.

Workshop Facilitation

I am currently pursuing a certificate in Learning Design from NYU to lend a little bit of theory to my practice of workshop facilitation. See a roster of workshops I’ve (helped) design and facilitate over here.

Writing & Editing

I love writing and, by extension, editing the written word. Here are a few details about my longer form blog posts, articles, and even a book.

Random Things

Sometimes I get up to projects that have little to do with the above, typically to satisfy a creativity streak. Check out my random little projects over here.

Updated November 2018